The consumer has the right to inform SOPO Management BV that he is waiving the purchase, without payment


fine and without specifying motive within 14 calendar days from the day following the


delivery of the product by means of a registered letter addressed to SOPO Management BV.


direct costs for the return to SOPO Management BV by the consumer are borne by the


consumer, unless the product delivered is not in accordance with the description of the offer or there is no


the seller did not meet his information obligation.




Enterprise data: SOPO Management, Everselstraat  76, 3580 Beringen

Company Number : BE 0840 725 526



Article 1: General provisions


SoPO Management BV's electronic online store offers


its customers have the ability to purchase mouth masks online.


These Terms and Conditions apply to all items in the online range and any


purchase that the customer places online at SOPO Management BV.


The customer accepts that these Terms will, as the only ones, be applicable, to the exclusion of his own


general or specific (purchase) conditions, even if they were to be conditioned that they apply only




Any user who wishes to make a purchase confirms a natural person, non-trader and


to be authorized to act. Any person who, pursuant to Article 1123 and the following of the Civil


Code has been declared incapable, may under no circumstances make purchases on the Site. Consulting


the Site and the services offered there are within the competence of the legal representative.


That legal representative shall comply with these provisions.


Article 2: Price


All listed prices always include VAT and all other required taxes to be borne by the customer. If


transport, reservation or administrative costs are charged, this shall be stated separately.


The indication of price refers only to the articles as defined by the word. The corresponding


photo is intended to be decorative and may contain elements or items that are not included in the price.


Article 3: Offer


Each offer is only open to customers residing in the European Union. The articles are exclusively


intended for normal use.


Despite the fact that the website is compiled with the utmost care,


it is still possible that the information offered is incomplete, contains material errors or is not up-to-date.


If you have specific questions about, for example, colour, availability, delivery time or delivery method,


we ask you to contact our store in advance.


SOPO Management BV is only required to verify the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information offered until


a commitment to resources. SOPO Management BV is under no circumstances liable in the event of material errors, printing or printing errors.


The offer always applies as long as the stock lasts and is subject to the timeliness of the stock. After


verification of the stock and the possibility of delivery, the customer receives an explicit confirmation of


order in case the relevant items are still in stock.


SOPO Management BV is entitled to refuse orders without giving reasons, to meet delivery times


to adjust, to split deliveries or to attach other conditions to the delivery.


Online orders can be refused if the product has already been sold for online payment.

The customer will be informed via an e-mail.


Article 4: Online purchases


The customer has the opportunity to purchase the items from the assortment online.


The purchase comes about when the customer has entered his order by placing it on the 'order button'


click. Afterwards, the customer receives a confirmation email from SOPO Management BV insofar as the order can be


(cfr.Art. 3). The items are delivered to the customer at home on the in the confirmation email


designated delivery site. This confirmation email also includes a copy of the Terms and Conditions.


The customer has the choice between the following payment methods:


- by credit card

- via bank card


Article 5: Reservation of ownership


The delivered items remain the exclusive property until the time of the entire payment by the customer


sopo management bv.


However, the risk of loss or damage passes to the customer from the point of delivery. The customer connects


to point out to third parties, for example, the reservation of ownership of SOPO Management BV to anyone else


which would seize the items not yet fully paid.


Article 6: Complaints


Any visible damage and/or qualitative deficiency of an article or other defect in the


delivery (i.e. lack of conformity), must be notified immediately and within the two


months from the date on which this defect is found, on pain of expiry of any right (OR


with complete loss of rights in case of late notification).


Where a consumer has a dispute with an entrepreneur and has already consulted him on it,


then the consumer has the opportunity to seek advice or complain to BeCommerce. . "


Article 7: Warranty


Under the Law of 21 September 2004 on the protection of consumers when selling


consumer goods has legal rights for consumers. The statutory two-year warranty period is


valid in full from the date of delivery.


Defects caused by accidents, negligence or misuse (by the user himself


or by third parties), are not covered by the guarantee and are thus not in conformity.


For items purchased online and delivered to the customer's home, the customer must be


contact customer service ([email protected]) in advance, after which the customer will present the item (with proof of purchase)


at his expense to SOPO Management BV, Everselstraat  76, 3580 Beringen.


The User should indicate in a highly visible manner where the article is defective. The warranty service


the seller will then contact the supplier of the products, who will


decides whether there is a lack of the products covered by the warranty. If this is not the case


the products will be returned to the user unrecovered.


The items must be returned in full and all accessories must be returned or


Returned. articles must be demonstrably well maintained due to the nature of these products


to be covered by warranty.


Any defect shall be reported within 2 months from the day of adoption. After that, each


right to repair or replacement.


Article 8: Verzakingstermijn


The provisions of this Article apply only to customers who, in their capacity as consumers, sell articles


online purchases.


The consumer has the right to inform the company that he is waiving the purchase without payment


fine and without specifying motive within 14 days of the day following the delivery of


the product.


Customers wishing to benefit from the right of a stay must be


contact customer service([email protected])  and the goods within 20 days of the


return the goods at their expense to SOPO Management BV.


Goods with a selling price of 100 Euro or more should be made by courier (DHL, Fedex, etc))


Returned. The direct costs of returning to SOPO Management BV by the consumer fall


fully dependent on the consumer, unless the consumer can demonstrate that the product delivered is not


would be consistent with the description of the offer.


Only items contained in the original and undamaged packaging, together with all accessories,


instructions and invoice or proof of purchase can be taken back.


Will under no circumstances be taken back:


- misused, soiled, damaged or incomplete items


- slightly worn articles


- articles wholly or partially worn


- articles that show excessive wear and tear


- items the packaging (or part of it) has been opened


- items tailored to the customer


- articles which cannot be returned by their nature


Article 9: Privacy


The seller reserves the right to provide data of the user only for internal use


both directly through collection of the data specified by the user


at the time of the order as indirect (e.g. through the use of cookies, which means that short datastrings


are on the user's computer of the site that allows the seller the content and layout of the site


to match the user optimally).



In accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 to protect privacy in the face of privacy,


data, the user has the right at all times to view, modify, improve, and improve that data


if they no longer wish to receive information about our activities.


For this purpose, they can contact the seller's customer service in writing. The  customer is himself


responsible for guaranteeing the confidentiality of his login details and password.


SOPO Management BV keeps online (anonymous) visitor statistics to see which pages of the


internet site to what extent are visited. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please


contact [email protected]


Article 10: Encroachment validity - non-subsidence


If any provision of these conditions is declared invalid, unlawful or null and void,


this in no way affect the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions.


The failure at any time by SOPO Management BV to remove any of the rights listed in these conditions


enforce, or exercise any right to do so, will never be seen as a subsidence to such


and will never affect the validity of these rights.


Article 11: Customer service


Customer service can be reached at +32 (0) 475 41 10 02, via e-mail on [email protected]


or by post at the following address SOPO Management BV, Everselstraat  76, 3580 Beringen.


Article 12: Conditions for amendment


These Terms are supplemented by other conditions that are explicitly referred to, and the


terms and conditions of sale of SOPO Management BV.


SOPO Management BV can always change these conditions without further notice. Any purchase after the change,


means an acceptance by the customer of these new terms.


Article 13: Evidence


The customer accepts that electronic communications and backups can serve as evidence.


Article 14: Applicable law - Competent court


Belgian law applies, with the exception of the provisions of private international law concerning


applicable law and with the Rome-I Regulation on international purchase agreements relating to


movable items. In any disputes, only the courts in Hasselt have jurisdiction.


Disputes between the consumer and the entrepreneur over the establishment or implementation of agreements


in relation to products and services supplied by this entrepreneur or supplied,


compliance with the provisions of the following, both the consumer and the economic operator are submitted to




A dispute is only dealt with by the Disputes Committee if the consumer is


the complaint was first referred to the entrepreneur within a reasonable period of time.


The trader is bound by this consumer's choice to submit a dispute to BeCommerce.


When the entrepreneur requests the intervention, the consumer will, within five weeks of a request for


request made by the entrepreneur in writing, must give a written statement as to whether he wishes to do so.


or want the dispute to be dealt with by the competent court. The entrepreneur learns the choice


of the consumer within the five-week period, the entrepreneur is entitled to settle the dispute for


to the competent court.


BeCommerce shall rule under the conditions laid down in their Rules of Procedure.


The decisions of the Disputes Committee shall be taken by binding opinion.


The Disputes Committee will not deal with a dispute or discontinue the proceedings if the entrepreneur


suspension of payment, has become in a state of bankruptcy or its business activities


has effectively ended, before a dispute has been dealt with by the committee at the hearing and a final ruling


has been pointed out."


Article 15: General provisions


This site is intended to make general information available to the user about the activities




The seller has.b only one access to the site, the ordering process, the delivery or the other services.




SOPO Management BV makes every effort to ensure that the site is accessible at all times to a


normal number of users. However, the seller has the right to complete or partially


suspend or discontinue maintenance, updating or for any other reason, even without prior




SOPO Management BV cannot be held liable for any inconvenience or damage caused by the use of


internet, in other increased by a breakdown of the system, the intrusion of outsiders or of a virus


information placed or processed by third parties or by any fact that


is seen by the judiciary as force majeure. SOPO Management BV does not in any way bear any liability


for any indirect damage.


SOPO Management BV is not liable if the delivery time is exceeded at the hands of the carrier,


nor in the case of loss of articles or in the case of strike action. The user is aware of the transport risks


and should address questions in that regard to the carrier.


Article 16: Intellectual property


All components of the SOPO Management BV site, both the visual elements and the sound elements, including the


technology used for this purpose, protected by copyrights, trademarks or certificates or more generally


intellectual property law. They are the exclusive property of SOPO Management BV.


Without prejudice to the Law of 30 June 1994 on copyright and related rights, reproduction is,


distribution, sale, distribution, publication, adaptations, translations, operations and use for commercial


prohibited for all or part of this site, unless with prior and written


sopo management bv..


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